A collaboration between Camiel van Noten and Lies Mertens resulted in a series of interior objects and a handbag to complement them. This large-sized, unisex shopper provides lots of space to store your belongings, with your laptop in a separate compartment. Use it as a shoulder bag or carry it casually around in your hand.

With its sleek black exterior, you probably wouldn’t expect the unique pattern on the inside. Lies Mertens based the print on the interior objects Camiel van Noten created for this exclusive collection.

Lies Mertens wants to cross the borders of artistic disciplines by working together with all kinds of creatives. This first limited edition marks the beginning of a series of collaborations with other artists.

All our bags are handmade in Portugal and created out of bio-leather with a water-repellent coating. We’ve used a minimum of zippers and metals, making sure to increase the longevity of your bag as much as possible. On top of that, they’re rigged with extra compartments and grooves to store your cards and retrieve all your stuff in a split second.

As a limited edition of only 50 pieces, shop our Camiel if you’re looking for something special that still maintains a minimalistic look.

10 x 30 x 80
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