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With its architectural look, the CMMC is our most straightforward design. Many of our customers claim they’ve become inseparable with it, and we can see why: creating a lot of space for your belongings, it still looks petite. We’ve upped its utility with an extra compartment in the back, providing easy access to your smartphone or business cards.

All our bags are handmade in Portugal and created out of bio-leather with a water-repellent coating. We’ve used a minimum of zippers and metals, making sure to increase the longevity of your bag as much as possible. On top of that, they’re rigged with extra compartments and grooves to store your cards and retrieve all your stuff in a split second.

The CMMC is perfect is you’re looking for a small bag without all the clutter. It’s even suitable to carry a water bottle with you at all times - stay hydrated!

7 x 27,5 x 18
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