About us

Leather goods from Lies Mertens combine efficiency and elegance in a sustainable way.

We focus on high-quality materials, details and functionality.

Our brand

“How can we create something with as little elements as possible?” It’s a question we constantly ask ourselves, aiming to create timeless designs by reducing superfluous components. To guarantee supreme quality, we only design a limited number of bags every year, which we perfect in aesthetics and ease of use.

Brands should try to make a positive impact on the world. Lies Mertens lives by this view and therefore works with unique leather, composed of leather residues which otherwise would be thrown away. They’re tanned with 100% biodegradable products: we don’t use chrome nor any other hard metals throughout the process.

Our bags are designed in Antwerp and handmade in Portugal, produced under sustainable conditions.

With functional and straightforward designs, Lies Mertens creates a different look, suitable for everyday life.


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