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  • 2016

    April 2016: De Invasie

    Lies Mertens participates in “The Invasion”, an initiative established to promote new designers by exhibiting their work. The jury selects five participants that stand out and invite them to an inspirational weekend in London. Lies Mertens is one of them, and this experience causes her to start considering turning her hobby into a real career.

  • 2016

    September 2016: Bryo Course Voka

    Bryo is a network of Bright & Young of Mind Starters. It provides young entrepreneurs with the opportunity to put their ideas into practice, getting coached by seasoned professionals to create a business plan and prepare the launch of their company. Lies Mertens, eager to start her own label, takes part in this course.

  • 2017

    June 2017: Launch first Lies Mertens collection

    Lies Mertens exhibits her first series of handbags in an art gallery. Instead of showing the public some regular product shots, she organises an event in collaboration with Blomster and Eline Ros. Together, they create an atmosphere in which people can really experience what the brand stands for: consciousness, flexibility and simplicity. Over time, these will remain three key values throughout the growth of the label. Want to know more about our brand values? Read about them here.

  • 2017

    August 2017: Taking the leap

    Lies Mertens quits her job in order to dedicate her full attention to her business.

  • 2017

    November 2017: Opening temporary shop

    After launching her own webshop, Lies Mertens opens her first store in the Kloosterstraat in Antwerp. Having a brick and mortar shop is essential to the brand, as it gives people the chance to experience the look and feel of her collection. The philosophy of the Lies Mertens label is made tangible in the interior design, with qualitative, conscious and natural materials.

  • 2018

    November 2015: Laptophoes

    It all starts when Lies Mertens is looking for a functional and nice laptop sleeve. She’s surprised to discover this is hard to find and therefore decides to design one herself. The result is a multifunctional leather bag she not only uses to store her laptop, but also makes for a beautiful clutch. She enjoys creating this first piece and receives a lot of positive feedback.

  • 2018

    March 2018: Winner of “De Leeuwenkuil”

    “De Leeuwenkuil” is a show on the popular TV Channel Vier, giving people with inventive business concepts the chance to pitch their idea to five seasoned entrepreneurs. Lies Mertens participates and doesn’t only find investors who are ready and willing to back up her label, but also reaches a broader audience interested in her collection.

  • 2018

    September 2018: Selected for Fashion Fair White Milan with The Belgian Focus

    A.F. Vandevorst, a leading Belgian fashion label, hosts a space during White Milan. In collaboration with Flanders DC, they select a few promising Belgian brands to join them, and Lies Mertens is invited.

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